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30 Days Of Gift Giving Blog Hop! ~ Day 11

Its Day 11! Today Your going to go visit ME!

Right here at~
Today Is Nov. 11th and in the Good Ole' USA it's Veterans Day, I ask you to take a moment of silence for all the fallen soldiers around the world fighting for their countries. If you happen to bump into a veteran during your daily routines, not just today but any day, take a moment to say "thank You".

Today, I am going to show you this "project" I'm working on. I hope to get lots more made. They are small little "gifts packages" for Soldiers currently serving overseas.  I plan on sending them to Units that my group "CFS" (Cards For Soldiers) that i have proudly been part of for over 3 yrs.

If you would like to "sponsor" a gift package you can donate HERE you choose the amount and any amount is appreciated! 

 I will sign your Family's name to the card and any special note you may want to add. It cost me $5 to make the packages, which does include the postage to mail them.

If you'd like to send cards for the Soldiers for them or blank ones for them to send home email me for my address. 

This is the finished Goodie bag! These are great for party favors or whatever too!. I cut the "Handle" on MTC which you can download the MTC File HERE or the SVG File HERE. I used CTMH stamp set for the tag, wrote in "thank you" and Love the Rancourts in each of the "Dog Tags".

I also, made a coin envelope album.  Below is a picture by picture step instructions. I tried a video but my camera is just a piece and we'll leave it at that.
You start with 5 Coin envelopes. I used the #3 envelope which measures 2 1/2" x 4 1/4"  I think its perfect size for the Soldiers they can tuck in their uniforms or in a pillow or somewhere. My sister made one for my brother when he was overseas and he loved it.

You keep one at it regular size. Cover with printed paper.

Then cut one just at the curve of the opening and Then cut the other two at 3" Then cut paper and cover and decorate simply.

Then you punch holes to bind them together with ribbon or string

Then add lil Magnets for the op to close

These are great for holding pictures and lil notes from loved ones.

I will try my hardest to get a good video cause i know my written instructions are kinda lousy, ok they just are lousy. I'm so sorry! I've just been a pooper lately and so unmotivated. I really do LOVE our Troops and I really wish to get lots made and hoping for lots of help to get more made!

Tomorrow you will be going to Kelly ~

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  1. very sweet idea! I like how you repurposed the envelope. very cute!!

  2. As a mom of a NAVY sailor and a soon to be ARMY soldier, I admire what you are doing with all my heart and... I SALUTE YOU !!! Your kindness brought tears to my eyes. Oh, and your project is amazing !!! :) Martha C.

  3. Great project!!!
    i think you did a beautiful job.

  4. What a wonderful job. They must be so appreciative.

  5. Great job everyone...this hop was a lot of fun :D Thank You all.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com


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