Monday, November 29, 2010

Fantabulous Cricut Blog Challenge ME Monday #38

At Fantabulous Cricut Blog  Challenge Me Monday Challenge #38
is Ribbon Challenge:
Use ribbon somewhere on your Cricut project.

So, your wondering, Jill, where's your project for inspiration?
Well, to be honest I have 2 unfinished "ideas", they both need assembling and with the holiday weekend, they have been collecting dust! :O  
On Thanksgiving, we of course watched football and ate No feast! What you say? Yes, We still celebrated Thanksgiving, just a day later, so all the family could be together. Friday, morning We cleaned and prepped for the holiday decorating and celebrated Thanksgiving that afternoon into the evening at my sisters! What a feast she puts on! I had no room for dessert! Sat. We then rearranged our living room, built a new guinea pig cage for Scooter (my son's guinea pig), which during that 15 min. i was going to ink the edges of one project, but that 15 min (that my son claimed it would only take) turned out to be 2 or more hours and somehow, I got sucked into the project. Then the assembly of the Tree happened. Yes, we go Green and have a fake tree, ok really its like 12 yrs old before "going green" was a thing. I love real trees, just can't stand the maintenance, cleaning and disposal of them. then we were all pooped out and sat and watched Scrooged with Jim Carey, needless to say, i really didn't like it, something seemed off to me? it wasn't horrible and If you like Scrooge movies I'd recommend it. Sunday, we all over slept and missed church. in between all this I started a third project! my cricut was chirping all weekend for stuff for my craft fair coming this Sat.too! Sunday, was of course more football! Da' Bears! and OH! McStupid may get fired from The Denver Patriots! oh Lord, please! If i wanted to be a Patriots fan, well I'd be the real deal and root for the New England Patriots (it was hard enough to pretend when I was in high school just so I could go see football in the stadium). Enough of the football, cause really I probably could start a whole other blog just for that!! Our house is beginning to look like Christmas!

Our Manger, that my Uncle Paul built.  The figurines have been replaced. If you need "faux" snow, I recommend the furry fleece, white with sparkles, I forget the exact furry fleece this one is. but when you see it you'll know its perfect!

The Angel is the last to go on top. This year was Paige's year to put her up.

So, here's my challenge for you, This week you do this challenge, due by Sun midnight (CMT) and be sure to post a link over at 
after the Design Teams Inspiration theres a "linky" button to add yours to be eligble to win their posted prize 

$25 gift certificate from Paper Wishes

And, I will work on finishing mine between today 
and tomorrow and post!

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