Thursday, June 25, 2015

Problem Downloading Free Files?!

Its been brought to my attention that some maybe having an issue downloading my June 2015 free files. I'm not sure what the problem is exactly but I think I might know.  The other night while uploading some files to share, i got a notice that "Google Chrome" no longer supports "some extension" that uses. I of course clicked on the "Learn More", it had a bunch of techno jarin talk that I didn't quite understand but it basically some sites have not updated to a "different extension" and if using Google Chrome" or a " Mac Computer" you may experience some problems?

 Until I figure out whats what, I did update a few of the links to hopefully solve the issue?! It may not! I can assure I DO NOT have any viruses or malware, as I just had my computer in the shop to fix windows 8.1 update (which I absolutely HATE windows 8!!)and the computer guy ran his virus malware software and found nothing! I also, daily run 3 programs to clean and check my computer as I do NOT want any virus or malware, nor do I wish to share any!

If your having issues with downloading any files in the past few days for June 2015 Freebies, PLEASE email me so that I may get you the files via email for you to download until I can figure out whats going on. I don't get on the computer or online everyday because if I have PT and causes me to e tired or in more pain I tend to rest or if I'm having a bad "pain" day I dont get on the computer. But give me at least a day to respond and if you don't hear back try emailing me again. My email is

If your having issues with downloading files the future PLEASE email me or post a comment so I can investigate! If no one speaks up I won't know there is an issue!


Until Tomorrow...
Happy Cutting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic

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  1. thank you, Jill. Love your files and hate to miss out. Thank you for all you do!
    Have a nice crafty day!


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