Saturday, March 19, 2016

Craft Project: Best Friend Across the Miles Vinyl Mug

Another Project, my daughter & I worked on together for her Best Friend. I mostly did the work and she picked the designs and colors, which is important too!

We made matching Mugs, one for her Friend and One for her. Again, I used permanent vinyl from  I have used both brands of permanent and removable vinyl from their site, Oracle brand and their brand and find them to be equal in quality.

With this project Transfer Tape is A MUST!!

She wanted the Quote from the canvas project to go along the bottom. I had to shorten it because even at the shortened version it was hard to get it to fit. After doing these I think I may have done the quote positioning slightly different. Like part on top and part on bottom, so it wouldn't need to be cut so small. 

We added in their Names at the top of the insie of the mugs

and a small message at the bottom "Miss You"

Both cups have been used and run thru dishwashers several times and 
have held up to the use and washings!

You can make your own Mugs or other projects like this one too! Simply go to my Etsy Shop and purchase one of the several Designs I have created. There are several "Designs" with different "Quotes" in of course, different fonts, several different "Dashed Lines and Hearts" and each includes, All 50 US States, Outlined, which will Also give you Solid shape too.

Until Next Time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic

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