Sunday, March 13, 2016

Menu : Mac & Cheese Slow Cooker

I don't know how many of you are on Pinterest, but I just LOVE it! It took me awhile to grasp the "concept", but once I did, oh boy! Its great for me when I just nee to unwind, destress or am stuck in bed due to pain. I can do it from both my slow computer or my phone. Most times, I do it from my phone. Though, I do notice a big difference between on my computer vs from my phone. One being my phone tends to show me alot of pins I have already pinned or just pinned and they're all "suggested" pins and it doesn't always give me the notification that I already pinned this, where my computer always.  I have found lots of inspiration, support and even meals to cook. I a not know for my cooking, unless its Kraft Mac & Cheese, I do make it cheesy and for the one time I screwed it up. I thought, I'd share the recipes that I've tried on my blog.

This is a story my children will never let me forget! I had cooked countless boxes of Mac & Cheese and every time but this once they loved it. We were visitng my sister, so this is a big part. They don't have regular milk and we hadn't gone to the grocery store yet. My BIL drink soy milk, vanilla soy milk at that. My kids wanted Mac & Cheese and I had started boiling the noodles already and then was getting the butter and milk ready. That's when i realised, crap, they only have soy milk. I thought, well all those people rant and rave about it and say you can't notice the difference. so, I went and just used the vanilla soy milk and didn't tell the kids. I scooped them all a bowl and they started eating it. They were mumbling to each other, and then tasting each others mac & Cheese. I just watched and finally they said, "Mom! this is gross! what did you do?" I replied, "oh, its fine just eat it" Of course, they continued to complain, which is not like my kids. I told them "It can't be all that bad just eat it" to which they replied, "then you try it and if its not that bad we'll eat it." Okay, it was DISGUSTING!! So, we dumped it down, the garbage disposal and went to Burger King down the street for lunch.  This happened back in 2003, I hear about at least 4 times a year as if it was yesterday.

So on to the more Delicious New Mac & Cheese I now make.
My friend had given me a recipe for baking Mac & Cheese, which I did a few ties, but never came out as good as hers. Then I came across this pin on Pinterest for Slow Cooker/Crock Pot Mac & Cheese. I thought, I'll try this and not tell the kids! Now I make it alomost every week! My son devouers it like there is this endless supply. My daughter can't eat much of it because she has become lactose intoleratnt again. On occassion, I pack some up for my oldest, who lives out on her own, with roommates but she's by all rights on her own!

This one is my favorite recipe, that I tend to use more than the others.
On occassion we throw in some bacon bits or some broccoli or even some ham sometimes even all of them to change it up abit.


There is also these that are just as good.


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Happy Cooking
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