Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pinterest Inspired - Chalkboard Vinyl DIY

Not sure how many of you are addicted to Pinterest as me. I spend way too much time on there. Most of the time I'm on there, I'm bedridden with pain and it helps distract me. Not that I don't get on there when I'm not in so much pain, but usually when I'm not in pain I'm creating cut files or trying to scrapbook or craft. Pinterest, as much as it gives me great joy it brings me sadness cause there are so many things I want to do but am physically impossible for me to do anymore.

Anyways, I saw several posts about spray painting vinyl to get colors you want. One of the post was about chalk board vinyl. Sadly none of the posts lead me to any tutorials they were just jpegs dead ends. I know I've pinned pins that are the deadend jpegs and lead nowhere , but I do it for a reminder of something I want to try and I think I can figure it out somehow. So, I decided to just wing it and see what would happen. I have a bunch of cabinet door chalkboards work in progress. I have plenty of chalkboard paint but didn't have any spray paint. Off to the store I went and got a few cans. I knew I couldn't use the "paint brush" chalkboard paint on vinyl. I took my vinyl "wall pops" that i purchased years ago at Lowes when it when on sale. I've used most of it up except for the orange, which i still have quite a bit of that color. I used those ones to try. 

I did it 2 ways. One I just spray painted it. The other I sanded it just lightly with a very fine sand paper. Both ways took several coats. 

The first layer I did in a gray paint and it was very light and doesn't really cover it all. To give it as base coat/"primer"

The second coat is just a lil heavier and covers it all.

 The third layer was a light coverage with the Chalkboard Paint.

 and the fourth was another layer and I did another layer and it was perfect.

  I have to say both worked. I haven't seen any difference in either way. I did 5 12x12 vinyl and I still had a lil left of the chalkboard paint from one can. I want to say the can of chalkboard Paint was $4.98

Have you tried it?

Until Next Time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill

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