Monday, June 12, 2017

Card Sketch Challenge {2017} # 59

Card Sketch includes:  Color and B&W JPEGs of the "Sketch" along with, MTC, SVG, SCAL v2, Silhouette V3 format Files of Embellishments only, with B&W "traceable" JPEG of the "embellishments" and Color PNG

It still Does Not Contain the "ribbons", Brads or other physical pieces. Nor do I include the photo mats, strips, background "paper"

Grab Sketches HERE


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Grab File HERE

Until Next Time...
Happy Card Making!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill


  1. hiya sweetie.. the card sketch link,it only has the colour and b/w images in no cutting files xx

    1. The cut file is downloaded seprately. ifyou scroll a lil further theres a link for just the cut file. I've had numereous requests to do them seperatly, so unless its an actual card the "images" will be seperate from the sketches.


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