Friday, June 2, 2017

Need Some Feedback Please

I've been working on Lantern Cut Files for a while. I'm getting to the final stages to be ready to list some for sale in my Etsy Shop. I have several Nightmare Before Christmas Lanterns, Spider Web Lanterns and Nativity Lanterns, I listed last year and they've sold ok. I still need to update those with SCAL v2 and Silouette v3 and PNG along with many other files.

However, I'm not sure if people understand my listing photo. Youre suppose to read the listing, but majority don't. I hope to eventually be able to add a "finished" product to each of the listings but that will take alot of time. Currently, my craft room stuff is still all packed. Just curious of how you see/understand the pictures below.

Etsy Listing Title :
Lantern Bird Cage #01 Design #01 with 3 Size Options SVG MTC SCALv2 Digital Cut File
I plan to include this picture in the "zipped file" along with my Terms of Use.  Does it make sense? or should I add it in the listing pictures? or both?

If I added a picture of a "blank" Lantern to the Listing would it help? Like the one below, where its the "basic" Lantern but no "design" in the "window" area?

Any feedback, ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

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  1. You did confuse me a bit, but pictures are always a plus to show how it will look. You could post the pic by the title of the page....the blank one, then have a pic of the others underneath near their titles. If that makes any sense. I guess I might need to study the way you set it up.

  2. I reread it and it made more sense lol. Both is my recommendation.

    1. Sometimes, Ihave a hard time putting thoughts into words. Writing descriptions are not my forte. thanks for the feedback

  3. Although I did read the entire post, my opinion is based solely on looking at the photos, which you are correct in saying most people will only do and will skip reading the listing.

    When I just look at the first to photos on the unfinished product, at first glance I thought they look like fences. Even though the second photo has the options written onto of the photo, I think they still look like fences. However, as soon as I saw the third photo of the Lantern base I knew exactly what it was and could picture different designs in it. Being a designer & shop owner I'm sure you know that a photo of a finished product is always best, especially since most people have a hard time picturing a completed project in their heads without seeing it by sight first.

    Just a though but since you are unable to post a finished product at the moment, could you possibly do a split photo of the pattern & the semi finished product, maybe that would give potential customers a better visual sense of what the product is.

    1. they do look like fences. Couldn't put my finger on why the bird cage listings pictures didn't look right. Maybe, I'll just wait to list them til I can get some finished. Thanks for the feedback


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