Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cricut Robotz! 3-D ones in B&W

Ok i had to share the ones i made yesterday for my tutorial I'm working on! They are just as stinkin cute in B&W as in color! My house is being invaded by these lil robotz!As my husband walked in the house and he saw all these lil Robots on the end table all he could do was just shake his head.  He did ask how many more will be there tommorrow? I said "there my new little friends, so who knows!" :) Anyways, my kids are dying to make some and i told them they have to wait til I'm done w/the tutorial so I can have them test drive them!  They are NOT pressuring me at all! ;)

So without any further ado here are my newest Friends:
Robot 46
Robot 47

Robot 48

Robot 49

Robot 50

I promise I won't keep boring you with the same old Robotz.  Once this tutorial is done I will make ALL the other Robotz too!  I'll work on some other things in between too don't want an overload and meltdown!


  1. Ok now.. enough with these adorable robotz! You seriously have me thinking I need this cart! :)

  2. Sorry! If these Robotz could actually cook I might think I'd marry one. Shhh! don't tell my hubby! I love him dearly! but these are right up there! my new friends, I'm thinking more along the lines of my new "love" :)

  3. Oh my goodness Jewlz!!!! these are so cute!


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