Monday, April 5, 2010

Title Page

I made a bunch of page for my sisters birthday of her daughter when she was little! I finally get to share with you because she follows my blog and i couldn't let her know what i was up to!! I love how they all came out! My neice was such a cutie now she's a beautiful grown young lady!

This is the title page!  I didn't have but a wallet size and a dark photo thru the window in the hospital nursery. I have 3 folders for her to put journaling or facts or whatever she wants. The folders open up!  I attached each picture to the folders.


  1. Love those little file folders. Thanks for joining us at Scrap That Baby.

  2. Love that intricate swirl! Gorgeous layout! So glad you joined us at Scrap That Baby!

  3. such a cute layout! i love the file folders. Great idea for extra journaling!

    thanks for scrapping that baby!

  4. How sweet is she?! Love it!

  5. great design and i love the folders!

  6. Love the design on this....especially the file folders for holding all the tidbits, and momentos :) What a great gift for your sister!!


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