Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Junk Mail recylce Tips and Ideas!

If you’re like me you get a tons of catalogs and pieces of junk mail each day. These catalogs come from all kinds of sources. Want a great way to recycle these without throwing them just in that recycle bin?

Several ideas: One turn them into envelopes! Find a simple template and fold, cut, and paste and you've got an envelope!

What about making handmade paper bows? I've got instructions for making those. You can use those ads or even newspaper for this!

Make paper bows out of those magazine or "ad" magazines that just end up in the recycle bin!

Another one i just forgot about as i pulled from my "scratch" paper pile to make a note to myself!

When you get those envelopes that they want you to send back your "application" or whatever, I save those and reuse them!PLEASE BEWARE YOU MUST COVER THEIR PRE-PAID POSTAGE WITH YOUR POSTAGE!!  i will use small "scratch" paper to cover the pre-addressed part and write in the address i want it to go to.  If the letters in the junk mail are blank on one side i cut the paper in squares to use for "scratch" paper!

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