Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Recyling Ideas

You know all those cans and jars we toss in the recycle bin? Send them through the dishwasher (after you've removed any paper labels) Get them good and clean! Now you can use them for storage for all sorts of stuff! You can alter them for gifts! I have been working on a few as a new idea I got the other day! I'll be adding a New album under Photos as "recycled". now you may have already seen a few of the things I've already made.
 There are so many things we can recycle and save our Money for something else!  Something I've seen they actually sell in stores like the Plastic Mayonnaise jars. They want $9.99 for 3 and they are not as sturdy as the ones I've recycled!
 My recycled Gum containers from its original to storing "skittles" and Buttons! they are the perfect sized and there are two openings!

My recycled Christmas Tins. I have my "larger" Flowers in these.
My Recylced Glass jars. From Salsa, Relish to Spagetti sauce jars. Turned into great "candy" jars. Or storage Jars for flowers (or whatever you need to store)

Little Plastic Water Bottles are great for storing "skittles" too or making into cute little gift packs!

Recycled Mayonnaise Jars. All sort of uses! Storing Ribbon, making into an adorable decorative jar!

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  1. Love all the ideas! Thanks for sharing. I love the little water bottles, will have to pick some of those up next time we are out! Super cute!


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