Monday, April 5, 2010


I think we all have a ton of great shots of our cute little monsters! We can't scrap them all to 4 or so pics a page sometimes we need to get more on a page to get them in the "story". Its great to pick out the ones that are great, good quality for those individual pages. We all have pictures from the days before knowing "how to" take those great pictures! you know pre-1990's. We still need to get those wonderful memories scrapped, maybe its not that perfect picture like in magazines or posted in galleries, but we can still make wonderful layouts with them! So, when you have a bunch of different random cute pictures, maybe a little far away or a little dark. Trim them down and you'd be surprised how different when you trim off that extra around the subject. Sometimes even a 2" circle punch pops that lil cutie out!  Here are 2  page layouts that incorporated a bunch of cute shots and have yet you can still enjoy each picture!

close up left side

close up right side

i didnt get a pic of these two together but it is 2 page spread!

close up left page

close up right page

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