Friday, April 29, 2011

Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's 40 Blog Hop Cont.

Happy Friday!

Is everyone Having fun Celebrating Jenn's Birthday this week with the Blog Hop? I know I am having fun with all the fun crafting I have gotten to do and seeing others projects! I hope you are enjoying all the free MTC/SVG Files if you have MTC, SCAL, Fairy Cut, etc. You'll have to stop by on Monday's for MTC Monday Challenge! Starting This Monday I'll be having new files and Free files for the MTC/SVG Challenge every week instead of bi-weekly!

I didn't get to finish my project for today because my son's computer got a virus and spent the day trying to fix it and still working on it :(   It's a very bad one!  Thankfully we don't own the computer, its just a loaner from the on-line homeschool. Lord knows we had enough unexpected expenses this month and can't afford those never mind another one. So if it goes belly up we aren't out anything!! If you ever Google something and you get that window that says your computer is infected and looks like a fake scan DO NOT Click on anything! You need to right click on the blue bar across the top and close the window out that way and when it asks if you want to really navigate away from this window do the same thing right click the blue bar that goes across the top where you have the lil red box with an "X" to close it. Right click and close. Then next window pop up you do need to click cancel or yes.  I forget exactly what it says. Then you need to close any and all internet windows and run a scan!  These pages are set up purposely to send viruses out. If these people only put their intelligence to good use imagine the possibilities of where our world would be! ugh, some people! One last thing, ALWAYS! and I mean ALWAYS back up any important files to an outside source other than your computers hard-drive just in case. Because even if you can get rid of the virus, sometimes you have to go back and restore your computer to an earlier date and you loose all the files you saved after that date!!! So go right NOW and DO IT! Back up those pictures and anything else! I mean it! Right this minute, not in a minute Right NOW!!!

Anyways, back to crafting! You didn't listen did you? Your still reading and didn't go back up your files! Now go do it! :)   So, ok really back to crafting, now that you took your break and listened to me, :)  I didn't get my cards finished, of course I'm working one day ahead of each day even though I had forewarning of the blog hop, but hey, I work better under the stress of getting it done. Seriously, I know i wait last minute but I tell you I get some of my best most creative stuff made this way. I think its cause I don't have time to hem and haw over paper, color, embellishments, etc. of  choices, I just say this is what i have in my head and go with it! So I have all my stuff ready to almost assemble, just need to add a touch of ink. So, hopefully I'll finish them today if nothing else gets in my way. I tell you I can not wait until May, because April is just a heckle jinxed everything is gonna go wrong and get in the way month.  While it makes life exciting but it wasn't all good stuff, 95% was crap stuff, but I am focussing on the 5% really I am trying too! :)

So for today I have these cool "edged" cards! Oh and yesterday, sorry! My blondness came out I forgot to link the free files cause I forgot to upload them too! so be sure to go back to yesterday's post to get the free file from yesterday as soon as I get back from running errands this afternoon i'll get the links working, because the files will only be free until May 2nd at midnight, that when the hop ends :(

The Collection of "Edged" Cards

Now when you open the file, the cards will be smaller and "layered" on top of each other, only way I could fit them all in one "mat".  I like my files to be more than one image because I have so many files and it takes me long enough to find what I want with the files I have, if I had them all individually OMG! Just this month I have deleted over 100 files because they all had individual images from when I first started with MTC and I combined them into "like" "Collections". There were some I just got rid of all together because of the feature of the "shape box" or whatever its called, where you can grab the individual common shapes and add your own too! I just LOVE that feature of adding your own shapes!  So, in any case you will find 3 images across the bottom with 3 "layered" images and a silhouette box that is "sized" for an A2 card if you Move whichever card you want to cut inside and turn it 90* resize to fit right inside and then move to a new "mat" to cut and then cut! The picture shows the cards but are not layed out this way in the file!

Freebies expire after awhile and are removed as a Free download.

Sorry Freebie Has Expired

Check For $ale Tab or My Etsy Store for Possible Purchase

IF you haven't checked out the hop from the begining follow this list here and it will take you thru the hop day by day. I've listed each Day with the direct links to the projects for the hop that day. Once you get to one person's blog you can just look around and check out their other cool projects and myabe like them enough to follow them, I know everyone loves getting new followers, I know I do! Then leave them a lil love too while your there, it only takes a minute or so and it will put a smile on someone's face! I know I get so excited when I get a comment on any of my posts, you'd think I won the lottery or something, but I just love hearing what my followers think and makes me smile and feel all warm, tingly and loved inside! :) Happy Hoppin!

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Day Two:
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Day Four:

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Day Five (Today) Blogs that have so far posted today
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 Be sure to come back Tomorrow for Sketchy Saturday! Not only does my Design Team have some great Inspiration for the Sketches posted, but I actually did a Card and a Layout for tomorrow's Sketchy Saturday, which normally I don't but am hoping to do so each week. Maybe you'll even enter the Challenge yourself and get a card or layout that needs to be done anyways!  tell your crafty friends to stop by too, the more the merrier!
Until Tommorrow... Happy Crafting

Thanks for stopping by and visting I'm sure glad you popped in to visit me :)

ttfn Jill


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  3. Oh man! Viruses are the worst!!!! Love these edgey cards. Thanks for sharing it.

    Happy Scrappin'

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  4. I was so excited to get this but it seems the link for the SVG is broken! :( I hope this is fixed soon.


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