Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to use Jolee's Series Part 1

So often, I am asked how do use Jolee's Stickers and die-cuts in your scrapbook pages and cards.  I decided to do a Series to help others see different ways to use them.  With the help of Rachal at Expressions of Faith I have purchased a bunch from her on yardsellr.com.  She also has an Etsy store. You can check out her facebook page HERE, her Yardsale HERE, my Yardsale HERE and her Etsy store HERE. My Etsy andZibbet stores are kinda empty.

Today, I have two Scrapbook Layout Sketches that incorporate Jolee's Dimensional Stickers. Both are Disney Princesses, Aurora and Belle. I will have two more tomorrow. Over the next month i will be doing different Themes, that will have Scrapbook Layout Sketches with finished Scrapbook Pages, Card Sketches with finished cards, Titles, tags and Embellishments as part of the Series. To give you inspiration and hopefully help see how you can use those fun Jolee's Dimensional stickers or Die-cuts.

The best way to look at embellishments is that they are accent pieces to decorate your pages. Like the way you add throw pillows and blankets on a couch or dust ruffles and curtains to decorate your bedroom. embellishments are a way to dress up your pages. Too many can be too much, not properly placed can seem messy. You want to keep small embellishments in odd number groups and balance your pages. I'll cover more of that later.

When I have a Die-cut or a Jolee's Dimensional sticker that is similar to a die cut, like the Princesses, I look at them and treat them so as a small picture. When I do my sketches, I think how many pictures do I want/need on a page and what size are they. I get those placed first, then decide whether or not to mat them. Once I have the pictures figured out, I move on to what am I going to embellish my page with and again, I think of some of these as a picture and whether or not it needs a mat or not.  Most times I add a mat or double mat for small to large stickers/die-cuts.  Other embellishments like buttons, brads, skittles, bling, ribbon, paperclips are tiny embellishments which are more accent pieces. These types of embellishments can go just about anywhere, however you don't want to over do them either. Balancing out your page with pictures, Jolee's/Die-cuts, then finish with the tiny embellishments to "weigh" out your page with those.  

Here are my Sketches and Finished Layouts, I did for with the Jolee's Dimensional Stickers; Disney Princess Aurora and Belle.


Come back Tomorrow for more Scrapbook Pages using the Jolee's Disney Princess Ariel and  a different Princess Aurora.

Until Next Time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN Jill aka The Scrapoholic

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