Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Memory Jar {upcycled/recycled} - Pinterest Inspired

Yes, again, a Pinterest Inspired Project.
Memory Jar or Happy Jar. The ones I saw on Pinterest were quite simple. I just don't do much things simple. I created quite a few designs of my own. I've made quite a few of these "Jars" I have a few listed in my Etsy Shop and Hope to get more listed this next month. 
This one is Purple and blinged. I originally created this one for my Best Friend. But I created another in Purple too and a different design. I'll post it later.

I've always saved containers, bottles and jars since I was a kid for crafting. I LOVE creating things from them. I always say I recycled before it was a thing or it was cool. My husband eats alot of mayonaise, not by itself, thats just gross. But he uses it on alot of foods. I have quite a few of these saved.He tries to throw them in the recycle bin without me knowing but I find them or my kids pull them out for me. He says I have enough, but I say no I don't!

Here is one of my "Memory Jars":
 I spray paint the cover to match the colors of the vinyl. Sometimes, I add ribbon around the cover too. Sometimes I add some embellishments. This one I added some Gems. I created a "jumbled" words and "icons" to go along and fill in the blank spaces in between the words cut file to go around this particular size jar.

The hardest part of theses memory jars for me is getting the vinyl on straight. I've lost alot of my grip in my right hand due to the ulnar nerve damage I have and having CRPS/RSD. With Jars being round they roll and that makes it a bit difficult to. I have gotten better at it as the more I do. But you can see a lil "crookedness" in some of the pictures.

Until Next time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill


  1. Too neat! It's great to know another spoonie crafts!!!

    1. Not as often as I'd like to but its my "happy" place. I Love to create!


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