Saturday, March 26, 2011

Card sketches (2)

Here is the Card Sketch For Sketchy Saturday.

Bear with me as I'm trying some new technology features and really have no clue what in the world I am really doing or how this will really work.
I just Posted My Layout Sketch a minute ago in a different Post cause well, not sure how to make it work the way I'm doing this to make both be in one post! Looks like it gives you a link to my picture on my fanpage on Facebook.

Card sketches (2)

I don't like doing it this way so think next week i go back to the other way. I'm not a linky person liker. Say that 10 times fast, seriously, I dare you! LOL! :) Anyways, what I mean by that is You know you to a place to get something then you have to go somewhere else to get what you went there to get. I don't mind the links that send you some place for something else thats different or new. If I jsut confused you more Sorry! I think I confused myself it it that helps LOL! HAve a Crafty Saturday!

I am now being unplugged cause my husaband is rearranging and yes I'm old fashioned and still connected with wires to the computer or the computer is still wired to the wall. Oh whatever y'all know what I mean right? if not have a few drinks or read this at like 2 in the morning before you go to bed it will make more sense! :)

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