Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here and There and Everywhere

So much is happening here and there and Everywhere!  Its is tough these days is it not on keeping up with all thats going on in the Scrapbooking Blogging world? I find it harder everyday to keep up. Following new blogs and old blogs trying to be fresh and new here on my blog!
Here we have 3 New Design teams, new venture on my part having a Design Team let alone 3. Plus still in the works is my blog makeover. I'm also in several Blog Hops that have just happened and several upcoming! I am also venturing out into a New Blog that is "my Story" if you'd like to follow it HERE.  Its New and only has one post but am going to be more a Video on-line Journal.

I have New Digital Stamping from JJ's Designz that feature some of my old drawings and Two very talented artists one being my Neice Jennifer and my Brother Jay. See why we call it JJ's Designz!  I have a possible other artist I am working with to join in thugh her name doesn't begin with a J, but thats OK! Have you check out the latest Digi Stamps? NO? you should. The Design Team has some great Inspiration and theres always a Challenge the weeks my Design team Posts. they are awesome and every other Thursday and we are hoping for Every Thursday soon to be a New release of Digital Stamping and maybe even someday open a new line of Clear Arlic Stamps?! Watch for Thirsty for Digital Thursdays!  What a mouthful huh?!

I also, Have the Make The Cut Monday! Where my Design Team uses some of my files to create Inspiration for you. I also have MTC Files also available in SVG files too for sale and on Occassion some free files. I have been trying to fix any old files and get all my files in one place for Sale and One place for Free. Many Free Files will be a limited time only. Also, holding Challenges for you to enter with either the free or for sale files on the weeks with the Design Team. So be sure to check that out.

Also, On Saturdays, I've been back at doing more "sketches" for both Layouts and Cards. That will Be Every Sat. I hope but for now its every other Sat. for My Design Team who takes the sketches and provides some inspiration for you and again another Challenge for you to enter!

So you have 3 days of The week for now being every other week to enter different Challenges with a lil bit of "Blog Candy" that is all provided by me. Someday I hope to get Sponsors, but til then its Just what I have and can afford to mail out. 

Be Sure to Check out My Design Teams' blogs, become followers if your not and see what else they create on the non-Scrapoholic's Design Team Days. They are very talented and creative!

 Nancy 's Blog ~  fancywithnancy.blogspot.com 

Sarah's Blog ~  http://simplyshaddock.blogspot.com

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  1. Congrats on the design teams :) I have an award for you over at my blog.



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