Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thirsty for Digital Thursday

This Week, if you haven't noticed I missed most days posting. If you look at the date of this particular point you'll see its posted on Sat. and not Thursday. i do apologize for not posting on my regular days. Its been a tough week for me and each week is getting tougher. I am coming up on my 3rd anniversary of my malpractice incident and you'd think each year it would get easier but for me it gets harder and starts earlier. I think because I think of where I was then on this date 3 yrs ago and where I would have been if Dr. Daniel Davis didn't make a mistake and change my life and not in a way a Doctor is suppose to, but he did and he refuses to take responsibility for his actions, no it won't make my arm be all better, but it would make the financial part of all my medical bills I have and still encounter every month alot easier. In any case, I'm babbling away. If your interested in MY Story you can see my new Blog and Facebook Page I've decided to start here: BLOG  or FACEBOOK. I'd love to have your following support.

From This day forward I will have Freebies on Thirsty For Digital and they will only be free on Thursday, by Friday the Freebie will no longer be Free, sorry. Beyond that you will need to email me for any Free files but it will need to be within that week (so before the next Thursday Freebie). On occasion, you may find other days I will have Free Digital Stamps files, those will too have the 24 hr download period and the one week to email me. I will be updating my older posts with the disclaimer. Why you may ask? well, its pretty simple, everyone else is doing it too, so why not me too. I work really hard at converting these files and while some are my doodles from before my injury, I do have to also, pay my artist who hand draw all these cool, cute, fun awesome Images, they do not work for free. All of my Digital stamp files are test printed by me and the cost of even cheap paper adds up and that is money I don't have. On top of that, the time it takes to test print all my files is less time I have to do stuff for me, for my projects and working on my CFS cards. Yes, the ones that print fine i can use but there are many that don't. Many don't realize the sacrifice in my time, money and my hobby that it takes to make these. I do enjoy making them but time is money. So basically, it is a very hard decision I have made. You will have the opportunity to receive still free digital stamps its just a limited time frame.

Here are ALL the Digital Stamps I am sharing for FREE today:

These ones are all JPEG Files: Click on the picture to bring you to the download.

As always, i love to see what people create with my creations as do my artists who have been kind enough to work for me at a very low commission in order to keep price low for you. So please feel free to leave comments and post a link to what you may have created.


  1. These digi's are very pretty! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Coool digis =)

    Thank you so much =)

    Hugs from Lilli =)


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