Saturday, March 12, 2011

We Love CTMH Wednesday

This is in part a duplicate of what I have in Thrifty Tuesdays Post. This Week, if you haven't noticed I missed most days posting. If you look at the date of this particular point you'll see its posted on Sat. and not wednesday. I do apologize for not posting on my regular days. Its been a tough week for me and each week is getting tougher. I am coming up on my 3rd anniversary of my malpractice incident and you'd think each year it would get easier but for me it gets harder and starts earlier. I think because I think of where I was then on this date 3 yrs ago and where I would have been if Dr. Daniel Davis didn't make a mistake and change my life and not in a way a Doctor is suppose to, but he did and he refuses to take responsibility for his actions, no it won't make my arm be all better, but it would make the financial part of all my medical bills I have and still encounter every month alot easier. In any case, I'm babbling away. If your interested in MY Story you can see my new Blog and Facebook Page I've decided to start here: BLOG  or FACEBOOK. I'd love to have your following support.

Check out "While Supplies Last" CTMH clearance HERE 
Pictures are just a few of what there is available!

1/8" Ric Rac 10yrds. $2.00
The Rub-Ons that are on clearance for $2 you get a pack of 3! One of ea. color Black, Chocolate, and white. if you order, post here and I'll send you a Spring/Summer Idea Book ($3.95 value +$2.86 shiping) FREE!
This is one of four rub-ons for $2 that you recieve 3 sheets of rub-ons
20 yards for $3.00

Hollyhock Photo Clip (Arrow) And Brads (50)

This month of March "Special" is purchase $25 in My Acrylix® Stamp Sets, See Stamps HERE and receive a free my acrlix stamp block free (choice of 3x3 or 2.5x6.5)

Then there is of course always the SOTM (Stamp Of The Month) stamp for $22.95 or spend $25 in any CTMH Product (click HERE to see ALL products) for 25% off SOTM, $50 for 50% off, $75 for 75% off or $100 and get it FREE! (studio J purchases do NOT apply to any CTMH offers above)
March SOTM:

If you spend $25 on my website in CTMH products and Post here in the comments (or on FB under the CTMH post) that you purchased I'll send you a FREE Spring/Summer 2011 CTMH Idea Book ($3.95 value +$2.86 shipping)! 

Whats A CTMH Idea Book? ITs similar to a magazine. But instead of the advertisements being different companies its just CTMH product. Has many great Ideas and inspiration for layouts, cards and projects!

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