Saturday, March 12, 2011

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday is spontaneous posts. Things that I want to share and either missed throughout the week or a total twist to a post or whatever I feel like doing! Maybe there will be a challenge, or a project I've finished and worked on, or a freebie, or some way out of the box post. Who knows it will keep you on your toes for sure!

This Week, if you haven't noticed I missed most days posting. If you look at the date of this particular point you'll see its posted on Sat. and not Friday. I do apologize for not posting on my regular days. Its been a tough week for me and each week is getting tougher. I am coming up on my 3rd anniversary of my malpractice incident and you'd think each year it would get easier but for me it gets harder and starts earlier. I think because I think of where I was then on this date 3 yrs ago and where I would have been if Dr. Daniel Davis didn't make a mistake and change my life and not in a way a Doctor is suppose to, but he did and he refuses to take responsibility for his actions, no it won't make my arm be all better, but it would make the financial part of all my medical bills I have and still encounter every month alot easier. In any case, I'm babbling away. If your interested in MY Story you can see my new Blog and Facebook Page I've decided to start here: BLOG  or FACEBOOK. I'd love to have your following support.

Now before I get to the FUN STUFF! I am going to speak my mind because that is who I am, if you want to unfollow me because I am speaking from my heart and you don't like what i have to say, I say farewell, it was nice having you and I'm sorry you are leaving, but it is what you feel you need to do and I understand. I will miss you because I do enjoy having each and everyone of you as a follower. But I do hope you'll read to the end and decide to stay.
With that being said, there is only one way to say this so I'm going to spew it out and I am not trying to offend anyone in any way and maybe you didn't even realize it was happening. I don't mean to sound stuck up or mad or unappreciated or selfish or even greedy. I have been working hard, really hard on making MTC files and also converting them to SVG (easily thru MTC), but I don't use SVG files myself, but I do it for those who use SCAL or other programs, that I do not use, but they do, so they too can enjoy the files, but the time adds up in saving them, uploading and listing them along w/the MTC files. One thing, what many may not realize is I see how many times my files have been downloaded and most are in the hundreds, (that is each file, while a few only have 20 or so most average between 100-300 downloads) which YES its awesome that HUNDREDS of people are enjoying the labor of my hard work for free! But what sucks is I have only been thanked a few times, not a few hundred literally under 20 combined and it really makes me feel like I smell.

From This day forward I will have Freebies on MTC Mondays and they will only be free on Monday, by Tuesday the Freebie will no longer be Free, sorry. Beyond that you will need to email me for any Free files but it will need to be within that week. On occasion, you may find other days I will have Free MTC files (and yes SVG too) those will too have the 24 hr download period and the one week to email me. I will be updating my older posts and possibly removing them all together, not sure yet what I am going to do. Why you may ask? well, its pretty simple, everyone else is doing it too, so why not me too. I work really hard at making these files. Alot of files I make are for you because its something either someone has suggested, requested or I know there is a need or want for it but I don't necessarily want or need it. Most of my files are test cut by me and the cost of even cheap paper adds up and that is money I don't have. On top of that, the time it takes to test cut all my files is less time I have to Cut stuff for me, for my projects, blogging, facebooking, and working on my CFS cards. Many don't realize the sacrifice in my time, money and my hobby that it takes to make these. I do enjoy making them but time is money. So basically, it is a very hard decision I have made. One that came from many fellow scrappers who also make files and others who don't, that I should be charging and therefore I am charging. I need to find a way I can make a living and maybe this is a way I can work part-time and you can still enjoy my files at a very fair price in comparison of the prices of cartridges or even CDs (not the cricut software the disks for other cutters). Maybe you don't have an extra $1 to spare, I understand completely and I am sorry  that your in that position. But unfortunately, just like you, I need to worry about me. If i had a great paying job (my old job) and my bills were all paid and i had extra money, well for one I wouldn't have the time to make the all the files I do and two I'd probably share more free because making a living wouldn't be a priority, but unfortunately I've been out of work for 3 yrs w/no pay or any social benefits because the gov't and lawyers have all refuse to help me even though in the 20 yrs I worked before becoming disabled, I paid into that system for if this day would ever come. Again, I'm just simply trying to explain, which i don't really have any obligation too, but i feel obligated to tell my followers. It wasn't an easy decision, knowing I'll probably loose alot of followers, but its a decision, I've made and one I'm willing to take the consequences with it.

So, if you've read thru all my crap and have stuck thru with me, Here is your reward, all the MTC files I am choosing to share for FREE, I am only keeping them up for 48hrs. to download and they will be removed. From This day forward I will have Freebies on MTC Mondays and they will only be free on Monday, by Tuesday the Freebie will no longer be Free. Beyond that you will need to email me for any Free files but it will need to be that week. On occasion, you may find other days I will have Free MTC files (and yes SVG too) those will too have the 24 hr download period and the one week to email me. If you've stumbled across this in the future and its past the week, I'm sorry you've read it all and get no reward, but I do hope you'll stick around for other free and Priced files. Thanks for listening (or should I say reading) and hope you understand.

The Links will no longer work after March 13th at midnight.
MTC Files
A Heart Basket ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Bow Easy Template_2.mtc
Collection Borders Basic 1 ~ TheScrapoholic_2.mtc
Collection Christmas Sentiments ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Collection Christmas ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Collection Fight for a cure ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Collection Flowers 2~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Collection Fluer De Lis ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Collection Heart Borders ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Collection of Robotz Sayings ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Collection of Words of Love ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Collection Overlay Mesh 01 ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Collection Sentiments ~ Family.mtc
Cricut Bug Head.mtc
Exploding Cross Boxes w lids ~The Scrapoholic.mtc
Exploding Square Boxes with lids ~The Scrapoholic.mtc
Faith circle ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Family forever ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Floral Circle ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Floral Mesh ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
full web ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Lizards ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
loop D loops 1 ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Loop D Loops 2 ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Poinsettia wreath ~ The Scrapoholic_2.mtc
spider web mesh ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
tags, corners and more ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Verse Life Measured ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
You Rock ~ Scrapoholic.mtc

Here are the SVG format of the same files above:
A Heart Basket.svg
Collection Borders Basic 1 ~ TheScrapoholic.svg
Collection Christmas Sentiments ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Collection Christmas ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Collection Flowers 2 ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Collection Flowers ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Collection Fluer De Lis ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Collection for A Cause ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Collection Hearts Border ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Collection of Words of Love ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Collection Overlay Mesh 01~ Scrapoholic.svg
Collection Robot Sayings ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Collection Sentiments ~ Family.svg
Cricut Bug head.svg
Exploding Cross Boxes w lids ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Exploding Square Boxes with lids ~Scrapoholic.svg
Faith Circle ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Family forever ~ Scrapoholic.mtc
Floral Circle ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Floral Mesh ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Full web ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Lizards ~ Scrapoholic.svg
loop D loops 1 ~ Scrapoholic.svg
loop D loops 2 ~ Scrapoholic.svg
Poinsettia wreath ~ The Scrapoholic.svg
spider web mesh ~ Scrapoholic.svg
tags, corners and more.svg
Verse Life Measured ~ Scrapoholic.svg
You Rock ~ Scrapoholic.svg

I would love to hear what you like about these files if you download them, which one is your favorite, even a simple Thanks, would make me smile and feel like I don't smell and my files and work is appreciated.


  1. Thank you for the files. I just downloaded them and have not cut them but I appreciate your generosity. I wish you well in your pursuits and I look forward to you sharing your talents. If you have not checked yet, You may want to check the MTC forum as it looks as if at some point MTC will not work with cricut machines. I personally am thinking of getting a different cutter next time around. Good luck to you.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your work and your story. I too suffered a tragic loss due to a dr's "poor judgement" (loss of a full term baby). I choose not to persue legal action just for my sanity. Keep your spirits up and hopefully something new and great will come out of your loss.


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