Friday, March 25, 2011

Freaky Friday

TGIF! This Friday is just a catch up of this past week and well ok maybe past month. Some days I think I bit off more than i can chew! All these fantastic ideas spinning in my head and i want to get it all out now! I had a blast in vegas wsith my sister. I'm not much of a gambler, too chicken to put that money in those machines. I did a few times and won $40 on my sisters $20. I learned so much at CTMH Leadershare. I am hoping to implement alot of what i learned. But old habits are hard to break. I've been trying all week to break them, I've done ok. Being away for a few days took me a few days to catch up.

First we will start with the Blog awards I've received in the past month. I do apologize I forget who gave me a few and If you can just say it was me who gave you ""x" award. I'll be sure you get credit! :)

I do love all the awards I received and am so honored in receiving them and I feel just horrible for letting myself get so behind that i forgot who has awarded them to me :( 

I did receive this weekend the Versatile Blog Award from Anne at Anniebee's Craft Room

As Part of these awards there are requirements I'm suppose to do and I don't remember them all. I know i need to share things about myself and pick other blogs to award them too.

So here's Seven (since 7 is my lucky and favorite #) things about me

  1. I'm American
  2. I only speak and understand English
  3. I miss drawing and painting
  4. I love the Rain
  5. I'm Christian, just not Good at it.
  6. I miss my little sister so much
  7. I wish upon a star every night (that i can see stars)
Each Day starting tomorrow I am going to choose 5 Blogs per Award. So along with my daily postings you'll see my Blog Award goes to:  Posts! 

Thank you for following me, leaving me comments, sending me awesome emails and just being YOU :)

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