Friday, December 12, 2014

10 Gifts in 10 Days! Day 8

Candles, Candles & Candles

There is so much you can do with candles or the "candle jars." When decorating candles you need to keep in mind that if its a "burning" candle you need to make sure its for "decorations" only. I often use the "battery operated" candles when decorating the candle itself. I do this for several reasons, one I know it can be used as "decoration" and for "emergency" lighting and its safer than the "burning" candle. Even when decorating the "candle jars" that can hold the "burning" candles you need to be careful too as the glass gets hot when burning a candle inside. Also, depending on what you use for decorating and if it hangs over the top because when a "burning" candle is new the flame can catch fire to anything that maybe "hanging" over the "open" top part of the jar.

Here are a couple candles I've decorated.

This one is for University of Oregon Ducks Fan. This is a "Battery Operated" candle. I Cut out the "duck feet" from Green & Yellow permanent vinyl. I applied it to the candle along with coordinating Yellow & Green Ribbon.  The reason I use permanent vinyl is the adhesive is a bit stronger but because of the "waxy" surface of the candle it can still be "peeled" off just a lil harder than if it was any other vinyl.

This beautiful one is adorned with Aqua elegant piece of lace. I used super strong spray adhesive to be sure the Lace sticks. This too is a "Battery Operated" Candle. The 1st picture the candle is "off" and the 2nd picture is with the candle "on."


This is a upcyled/recycle "candle jar".  I used the same elegant Aqua lace as above to decorate the jar. I used the same "spray glue" to adhere the Lace to the glass.  I used white "fun fur" yarn to add some more elegance. I simply doubled the yarn by folding a piece in half and then wrap around the top and tied a simple bow.

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Happy Crafting!
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