Friday, December 5, 2014

10 Handmade Gifts in 10 Days ~ Day 1!

Upcycled Cabinet Door ~ Verse of the Week

I purchased some "used" cabinet doors from Craigslist. I have quite a few, they had an an assortment of "designs" and sizes. I've been slowly painting them into "chalkboards.  My daughter fell in love with this one on Pintrest and ,I myself had seen it, pinned it and thought of her and then made it.

See Pin HERE

This would make a great "Gift" for any Occassion!

To turn the cabinet door into a chalkboard was pretty simple.

1. Clean with clorox wipe and then wet rag and dried.
2. Sanded the areas I wanted to paint (depends on wether you want to paint the whole cabinet or just the area where you want to turn into a chalkboard.
3. Applied a base coat of plain white base paint to the entire cabinet door.
4. Applied First Coat of Chalk Board Paint. (there are many different brands out there).
5. Applied Second Coat of Chalk Board Paint.
6. Applied Third (final) coat of ChalkBoard Paint.
7. Painted the "outer" parts of the Cabinet door with white paint, took 2 coats).
8. Painted the outer edge of the door and the "decorative frame" part a light blue/aqua.
9. Played in MTC (Make The Cut) Program and experimented with different fonts to get a similar look to what the gal has on hers that she hand painted. (Sorry, I don't recall the fonts I used and No, i didn't write them down anywhere).Found a Label in my own  MTC Files, (see below for Freebie) and designed the "label" on my cabinet door" and then cut it out from white vinyl.
10. Applied the Vinyl to the Cabinet Door.
11. Prepared the chalkboard for writing by taking chalk and rubbing it over the entire chalkboard area twice, cleaning in between.

For the "label" I used, without the words, just the blank "label" 

you can grab that HERE

Until next Time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill

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