Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10 Gifts in 10 Days ~ Day 6!

Upcycled Window Screen Picture Frames

I purchased a few of these "window screens" at the local Re-Store.
These "window screens" are not a typical "window", its specific for screens, which means no glass, thinner, which also mean s lighter too! I've had them for quite awhile and have been wanting to do stuff with them and finally got one done. Of course it was a super simple & easy project. I made it for my oldest daughter.

First I touched up any scuffs and scratches with white paint since she wanted to keep it white. I just needed to add some twine to hang the pictures. I tied knots on each end of the twine and then used Picture nails (which are teeny tiny) and nailed them thru the knots. To add some extra security I used some super strength glue after. We just took the pictures she wanted and some tiny wooden clothes pins and voila!

This next one was just as simple. First, I "matted" the pictures. Second, I measured and then cut some poster board, which is for the backing. Third, I adhered the "matted" pictures to the poster board. Fourth, cut out some cut file images that my daughter had chosen. and Voila a picture frame!

If you haven't been to your local re-Store and you love doing or want to do things from Pintrest. Well, this is a Pintrest DIY Recylce/Upcyle Dream store and I suggest leaving the debit/credit card at home on the first several trips. Oh, when your spouse finds out about how much time, money and dreaming you've been doing there, you didn't hear about it from me :)

Until Next Time...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN The Scrapoholic aka Jill

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