Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Handmade Gift Giving Blog Hop ~ Day 8

It is Day 8 of 30 Days of Handmade Gift Giving Blog Hop!

I sure hope you enjoyed yesterdays Gift Idea!

Today is a New Place to visit for Inspiration! 

Today You are going to visit ME Again!

Yes, you'll be visiting me quite a few times this month. I filled the days that didn't get filled because I was horrible with organizing this hop, but the ladies that jumped in to fill the spots are so talented and I feel so honored for them to be part of this fun hop. I know last year we had fun and got lots of comments of how everyone enjoyed it. I hope to make it a tradition here every year.  To me something handmade is a treasure, special and made with love.

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite things that i make every year. I just started a few years ago recycling into my crafts. Growing up poor and not having many things, you learn to make use of things over and over. I've always hated throwing things away (You won't ever see me on the show "Hoarders", my husband does keep me under control.) For many years, its become a tradition for me to make my famous fudge. I use to buy containers and tins to give them away in. So, now, I save our glass and plastic jars and containers that I can clean out and run thru the dishwasher. Then, when its time, I alter them to fit the "theme". I start with paper, then embellishment, then choose the color of spray paint and paint the cover. I find the Krylon brand works the best. I have tried some other brands but they tend to flake off. To save on the expensive brand name I buy it at JoAnns with a coupon. I buy the specific ones for plastic or metal. I don't know what they put in it to make it work but it works!

Here are some pics of the Recycled Glass Altered Jars soon to be filled with my Famous Fudge!

Altered Recycled Salsa Glass Jar
Altered Recycled Spaghetti Sauce Glass Jar

Altered Recycled Relish Glass Jar

Some people that have received my jars have continued to keep them and fill them with other "chocolates throughout the year.  To clean simply use a wet paper towel with slight bit of dish soap and then rinse with another wet paper towel. Unfortunately with paper its not dishwasher safe and you do have to be careful of how you wash it. But everyone so far has loved the jar, mostly the fudge but no complaints yet, at least that I know of!

What do you think? Something you might do?

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Until Tommorrow...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN Jill (aka The Scrapoholic)


  1. I wonder if you 'mod-podged' the label, that would help keep it from peeling if you wash the jar?

    Oh, and are you going to SHARE this fudge recipe, or do we just get to drool? ;-)

    These are very cute. I made a couple jars for treats for my mom for her birthday. I printed out the labels, glued them onto the front of mason jars, and then mod-podged it. I think this is the ONLY time I was able to get away from stating, "Janet's Nuts!" coz she loves cashews! (the other label was 'Janet's Candy)

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