Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Handmade Gift Giving Blog Hop ~ Day 20

SORRY today's Post is up LAte!

You will be staying right here again today! I know seems your hear alot, but the end of the hop will be full of many other wonder talented ladies. You will come here two more times on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Which I do plan to have lots of great gifts that day, but we will see if my plans work out this next few days, but I do have a few already done.

Today, is one of my most favorite things to do and I'm not sure if my family is sick and tired of it or not?! But I just LOVE vinyl and the wall decor. Probably for us at least we have been renting for 10 years as once we moved to Oregon, we just never got around to buying a house, then we moved to CA and looked but in 4months the market went from affordable to insanity and its still, in my opinion at insanity in CA. But now that we are back in OR we have a year to rent and come Feb or Mar. we will start house hunting again since its very reasonable and affordable to one live up here and the housing market is fair pricing. But in any case, as you know renters are stuck with white boring walls, while my husband loves them, I can't stand them never could and never will. But the vinyl adds that flair and color I am looking for with out putting a holes in the wall for frames and it peels off with no residue.  Though I miss my bird cages that our last horrible landlord ripped off my wall before I had a chance to get my transfer tape and pull them down.  These make wonderful gifts whether your a home owner or renter! Here are some of the vinyl I've cut, some are the same as last year but they are popular.  

You can get some vinyl here at Expressions of vinyl 

I love their vinyl, pricing, shipping is very reasonable and not inflated, great customer service etc. Highly recommend them. so Click that link and bookmark it!  

They have all sorts of vinyl from the kind for the wall, iron-on, both smooth or that fuzzy, (whihc I have some on order to do a few sweatshirts for my kids), permanent (which can go on glass and is dishwasher safe.) If you remember last year I did my kids names on the coke glasses for Christmas, they love them and when the glass is left out, guess what mom knows who to blame! :) I also, made some cute ornaments for my nefew and neice using the vinyl to put their name on them. I will be making more again this year and on one of my couple days left, so watch for those.

I have tried to get my cut files up for the cuts you see up above but for some reason it keeps timing out? So check back in a day or so to see if I've been successful in getting them posted. I will do a new post for them to easier find :)

Please be kind and leave some love for Gifts for inspiration and writing up tutorials/instructions. Check out their blogs if you've got time too.

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(Cards and Sketches are posted later in the day)

Until Tommorrow...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN Jill (aka The Scrapoholic)

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