Friday, November 25, 2011

30 Days of Handmade Gift Giving Blog Hop ~ Day 25 Project 2

This is my 2nd project for today.

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My next project is a Feathered Wreath. Again an easy and kinda of inexpensive project.

What you need is:

A Wreath base either a Styrofoam one which is getting harder to find for a reasonable price or other solutions are a swim noodle (if you can find them this time of year) or foam pipe covers, which is what I used.

Ribbon to make a hanger and bow

Feather Boas of your choice of color(s) I found some for a decent price at a yard sale a couple dollars each.
I used Red and Green for a Christmas Festive look
If Desired ornaments, I placed some on mine I chose silver glittered ones from the score I got at Goodwill the other day.

First you want to get your foam pipe cover (or swim noodle) and wrap it around into a circle and tape together really good. I suggest duct tape, but since my kids are tape thieves and are obsessed with any kind I couldn't find any and just used a good packing tape.

Once you have that done, make sure there are no bends in the circle if there are and you can't get it to stay formed in the circle and you keep getting the kink, just wrap that lil part with a piece of tape to help it keep its form.

Then take some packing tape and wrap it inside out around two spots so the sticky side is out.

Take your ribbon and tie around the tubing making a double knot, then go up make a loop and tie a knot (double if desired but not necessarily) then tie the rest into a bow for your hanger to hang your wreath.

Then take one of your boas and start at the end and place it around the tape part you just did where the sticky side is out. then go around the tubing leaving space for the next boa to go in between. If one boa is fuller than the other, I suggest placing the fuller boa on first and the other one second.

Then Repeat with the next boa, starting at the other spot where you had the tape going outside and wrap it around the tubing in the spots you left in between the other boa.

Tuck the loose ends of the boa under neath and around the other placed boa to keep it in place. Then fluff out the feathers around so that some that got scrunched or hidden come out and looks fuller.

If you choose to add ornaments, take the hook and poke it into the tubing and curve the rest around the tubing where desired. I suggest using an odd number of ornaments as odd number embellishments are more pleasing to the eyes.

Then hang on your front door or where ever. Or give it as a beautiful gift.

What do you think? Something you might make?

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Until Tomorrow...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN Jill (aka The Scrapoholic)

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