Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Days of Handmade Gift Giving Blog Hop ~ Day 24

First I want to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
I hope today is filled with lots of thankful things!

IF you have little ones running around and looking for something to keep them busy check out Disney's Family Fun links below for some fun crafts

TV Bingo Instructions/rules
Printable TV BINGO Parade Board (has 6 different boards PDF)
Printable TV Football BINGO Board (has 6 different boards PDF)

Today I will have several post going up throughout the day. Today is about Home Decor that can be given as gifts too. All pretty simple, cost effective and very festive!

My first one is a beautiful, festive center piece for the dinner table or even for a mantle or even for the coffee table.

You can use either real or fake candles. They can be all the same size or all different or a variation. They can be all the same color or all different or a variation. Place them on a plate or mirror or plaque, you can either get something at the store for cheap or use a plate from around the house. Find some of those festive Christmas picks (Joann's, Michael's or most craft stores with have them for 49 cents each). Find ones that you like and there are lots to choose from until you get closer to Christmas the less you find. Then place 3 candle in the center of your plate and curve the picks bottom part to curve around the candle one way then take another and have it curve around the candle the other way. Have one come out straight from the middle of two candles. Repeat this all the way around each candle until its all full and where you like it. If you are using real candle, I don't recommend burning the candles with these picks around them as they are flammable and I don't want to see anyone have a fire this holiday season or on any day for that matter. The candle are there for decoration and if you want to burn them I suggest not taking the decorations away.

I happen to go to Goodwill to find some organizing stuff for my daughter jewelry and try to do some ideas I got from Pintrest. Yes, I am a Pintrestoholic too!  You can follow me HERE on Pintrest. If you haven't gone to this is a fair warning, ITS VERY ADDICTIVE! Its overwhelming with wonderful inspiration and you'll spend hours pinning stuff! I did find somethings for her, can't say what but after Christmas I'll post about it as, she reads my blog and facebook so don't want to ruin Christmas for her, especially since its going to be so small this year, it usually is small but this year is even smaller, I'm sure most can relate, but mine has nothing to do with the economy as if the economy was great we'd still be struggling with the medical bills. Anyways, blah blah blah. I found this huge bag of Christmas goodies with ornaments, bead garland, and some Christmas picks for $4. Just the picks alone would have been $4, if I'd have to estimate the bag would retail for $20 to $30. I never find great buys like this, so I was excited and every time, i put it down to look at other things everyone was eyeballing it to see if I'd abandon it, cause well i didn't grab a carriage/cart as I didn't think I'd find anything and was too lazy to go up front and grab one.

Here is my centerpiece, I'm using it for today's Thanksgiving dinner too since its not so Christmas color. The leaf picks are this cool silver, copperish, and pinky-purple tint. Its hard to see in the pictures but they are so beautiful in person. I already had the plate and candles. The turntable that its on was another Goodwill find it huge and I got it for $5, it is from IKEA. I've always wanted a big turntable for my dinner table and I finally found one I liked. I do plan to cut some vinyl flourishes for it, probably in black and white since my kitchen is black and white themed or at least my dishes are and when we buy a home eventually again, It will be black and white.

Please be kind and leave some love for Gifts for inspiration and writing up tutorials/instructions. Check out their blogs if you've got time too.

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(Cards and Sketches are posted later in the day)

Until Tommorrow...
Happy Crafting!
TTFN Jill (aka The Scrapoholic)

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